Becoming a GLC Certified Trainer



  • Official accreditation as Certified Trainer
  • Internationally recognized Trainer Certificate authorized by GLC
  • Ability to teach certified courses, wherever and whenever
  • Free advertisement of trainer and his/her courses on GLC’s website
  • A world of opportunity

Process: Becoming a Trainer

  • Complete a 10 hour TOT course
  • Become certified by the GLC, receive official documentation
  • The GLC online database of trainers is updated to include your name
  • List of courses offered by the new trainer are put forward to GLC
  • GLC reviews courses and accredits all those that meet requirements*
  • The submitted and accredited courses are added to GLC’s online course database
  • Trainer may begin accepting students (at a rate of $25.00 per person, per course)
  • Student contact information is supplied to GLC
  • Trainer administers course to said students
  • Upon completion, students must pass GLC-approved examinations
  • GLC-authorized certificates conferred to all passing students

Process: Getting Your Courses Accredited

  • Details of course are submitted in the form of GLC standardized “Training Package”
  • Included in this package, there must be:
    • A comprehensive course overview (material covered, learning expectations, objectives, skills to achieve by course end, etc.)
    • A detailed schedule indicating the time required to complete each section of course, including all examinations and one-on-one training/mentoring
    • Thorough course description, outlining major topics and concepts of focus
    • List of students and all contact information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
    • Method(s) of instruction for both formal, group sessions and individualized training or coaching
    • Materials and resources to be used in course instruction, including Computer-Based Training (CBT)
    • All worksheets, supplementary material, and assignments to be given in class
    • All assessments and evaluations
  • Training Package undergoes appraisal by GLC
  • Assessment and evaluation section of Training Package undergoes separate appraisal
  • If both sections are successful, course is accredited and trainer receives appropriate certification to this effect
  • If majority of package is approved but evaluations are inadequate, GLC will generate the appropriate assessment/testing material (free of charge) and course will then be accredited
  • New course is added to online GLC database and endorsed on GLC website