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Global Leadership Certificate

Exclusively offered through L'Inc
The Three streams of focus for L'Inc:

  1. Society
  2. Business Leadership
  3. Environment

Environmental Sustainability

Explore systems, methods and practices for thinking out-of-the-box. This is the large picture of leadership. This introductory workshop will give you tools to think through issues and problems to create lasting results and discover new solutions to old problems. Using hands-on methods, this training gives you tools to design programs, workshops, and training that create lasting results and new solutions to old problems.
Learn how to:

  • Use ecological and environmental thought to create unique solutions
  • Enhance your ability to engage those with whom you work
  • Make sustainability reasonable.

Certificate Objectives

The goals that the Certificate plans to address are as follows:

  • to evaluate the impact of major ethical issues (e.g., bribery, harassment, polluting the environment, theft in the workplace ) and dilemmas (e.g., for the individual, the workplace, and the local and global community) on management strategies and decision making;
  • to explain the nature of corporate ethical and social responsibility and analyze, on the basis of research, including stakeholder analysis, a particular company's commitment to it (e.g., in relation to non-discriminatory hiring, promotion, and retention practices; implementing the Persons with Disabilities Act and the Accessibility for people with Disabilities Act; environmental issues; customer/supplier relationships).