Welcome to Global Leadership College

schoolRegular Online courses resembling automated textbooks do not use the full potential of the Internet in its delivery and as such are considered to be poorly designed. Global Leadership College however has incorporated many aspects that enhance learning, recognizing that:

  • Graphics greatly enhance the educational value of a course. Moving graphics, splash pages and the like can be used to convey information.
  • Music and sound can be used to provide information, make a course more interesting, or provide cues to the student.
  • The course can be paced to students? ability. When a student gets many right answers, more complex material can be provided. When a student makes frequent mistakes, simpler material and more reinforcement can be provided.
  • tudents can use a mouse to move words or pictures around to create sentences, maps, and graphics of various types.

In addition to all this, Global Leadership has incorporated Chats, Discussion Forums, Wiki and Workshops to maximize the possibility of success. Our purpose here is to reinforcing the idea of increased involvement with a student's education. When our online courses are incorporated into a high school program, students work on their courses at school and a teacher works with students guided by the online material. The teacher supervises and encourages students, helps them organize their time, teaches them online learning skills, and directs students to resources.

We are always looking to forge relationships with institutions with similar philosophies. If your institution is interested in a demonstration of what we have to offer, please contact us here