We're here to

make a dent on the universe

. Otherwise, why even be here? We're

creating a completely new consciousness

, like an artist or a poet. We're

rewriting the history of human thought

with what we're doing. That's how you have to think of this.

-Steve Jobs

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GLC blends a traditional classroom setting with an online component. PLAY VIDEO

We here at Global Leadership College have set ourselves some pretty lofty goals. With the cooperation of existing 'brick and mortar' schools, we expect to enhance the quality of education from what is currently offered in schools to one that meets the real demands of today's student. Our success arises from our unique program - one that seamlessly integrates traditional, synchronous, in-class learning with an asynchronous, online component full of fun activities, discussion boards, and video demonstrations, all set alongside a collection of professionally written notes that adhere to American Secondary School curriculum expectations. Through our college, students will be able to access all of their course materials from the comfort of their own home. Instead of occupying their minds with the burden of pressured, in-class, note-taking, the students are instead allowed the opportunity to actively listen to the teacher, ask questions, receive directed guidance, and focus on understanding the material at hand.

When your school chooses to adopt our one-of-a-kind learning model, a team of representatives will explain how easily your institution can assimilate Global Leadership College, and will answer any queries or concerns you may have. We are entirely confident that whatever your institution's particulars, we will improve the quality of the education delivered to your students and at the same time significantly cut down the number of faculty required on staff. If you don't believe that we can live up to everything we've promised, give us the time to show you.

Global Leadership College is committed to being the vanguard of 21st century education. Steadfastly, we stand by our motto of helping build the leaders of tomorrow, today.


Student Demonstration:

A quick tutorial on how to use the GLC Online School. See how fun and easy it is to learn.

Teacher Demonstration:

A tutorial for how to use the teacher account. See what a teacher sees and has access to.